LS 20-60/12/QE/F

Classical plant for packing of tubes which is round to square / rectangular.
The evacuation of the bundle tube is on the frontal side to permit therefore to limit the space on the lenght.
Like as those produced by GTC can be equipped with systems or implemented in the time of draining / weighing, strapping manual / automatic, blowing, storage, etc..
Even this system, as the previous 40-133 born as a variant to the machine "standard" that is, to obtain packs of considerable weight and size compared to conventional bundled tubes
Designed and built primarily for the Asian market where the factors' weight / size "are crucial.
Starting from standard pipe size ranges, such as 1 "-5" you can get packs tubes weighing 5/6 tons. Like other plants we produce, all adjustments can be manual or, on request, automatic.

icon Scheda Lima LS 20-60/12/QE/F (959.16 kB)

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